Black Friday Sales Happening Now Subscription Boxes, Best Buy

Best Buy Co, Inc.

Friday is a day where you can get everything you want for big discounts.  Race to madness, craziness, fighting over bags and dolls and parking spaces.i’ve seen people buy TVs so big they won’t fit in their car.


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Are you tired from too much Turkey.  Feel like your belly could just swim away on it’s own?  Have you ever visualized you’re a mermaid?  Swimming is some of the best exercise and mermaids sure know how to do that.  They are so beautiful we all admire them.    


So now you can get your mermaidbox every month swim to your door.  Wow!  y 

They just went monthly and are having an amazing BLACK FRIDAY sale.  In fact if you use VIP discount code, BLACKFRIDAY you will get 20% off.


We did reviews of their previous boxes and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you ask Mermaidbox really nicely they will even let you choose what kind of products you want in your box.  It’s surpising how little girls, college girls and working woman all identify with the Mermaid life.