Changes at Good and Lovely Box

I just remembered to respond to Good and Lovely Box.  I got this email back and they are making

changes.  They’re not just about tampons and chocolate anymore.



“Wow do we have a lot of changes going around G&L !!



We are testing out a bunch of new ideas and won’t be taking on any new LovelyBox members for

awhile.  Of course we can massively use your support and help right now through this learning

period and of course we will continue to take care of our existing members!

So, We are trying out a bunch of new ideas and need your feedback
and for you to share what we are doing with anyone you know 🙂
We have had some ideas on the burners for a bit and have been really wanting to test them out
so we decided to pull the trigger and get them in front of real women ( who are always wonderful in
sharing advice and opinions)  
There are plenty of areas for improvement but we thought we could enlist the crowd of amazing
women around us and see what you thought and get some help in working out the kinks
( cause there will be some – we promise!)
We have decided that the main new focus for now will be providing a value added service for
women entering, going through and beyond menopause.  The idea is you subscribe to products you
already need like supplements or progesterone cream or maybe even some age-defying eye cream
and we will ship them to you along with some great samples like beauty and body care and
healthy living supplies – things that you will love. Plus as always we will donate feminine care to needy women in shelters and for every dollar you spend with us you will earn points towards special free products.  We call this the Menopause Caring Service (for now)…Secondly we wanted to come out with a box for our sisters who have really bad periods
and could use the powerful supplement regime put together by Vitanica where Dr. Tori Hudson has dedicated her life to helping women be and feel their best through crafting supplements from the best components possible. We call this one PMS-pro!

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Finally, we have teamed up with some truly great brands in Earth Mama Angel Baby and Belly Bar to create a reallyspecial subscription for newly pregnant moms.  We send out some of Belly Bars’ new Gynecologist recommendedPrenatal + DHA chocolate covered vitamin combo packs and a box of their yummy Belly Bars along with a curated selection of EMAB products to help the new momma like morning sickness tea, specially formulated body wash, body butter, stretch oil, bottom balm and more.  Not only that but we also send out things just to help her feel lovelyand cared for (since we all know that she often feels like she has disappeared once baby comes into the picture). Shewill get beauty items (from natural healthy brands like Weleda of course)  and other little bits so she is taken careof in ways she needs and wants 🙂 We call this one Mommy Mode!

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown us over that past year – without the sweet words
from our members we would have totally given up!! So thank you again ladies – you are amazing!!”
What do you think?