Support Breast Cancer Awareness with 25% off For Pink Beauty

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness


Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Pink

Embrace Collection of natural, organic and other beauty products. 

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 Don’t miss out on this great collection AND the opportunity to contribute to a wondering cause. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Pink

Pink Embrace in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month only at 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for your favorite beauty enthusiasts to use our powers for good. And nothing speaks to the power of beauty louder a perfect lip and oodles of top-rated natural and organic products. 

The all-new Pink Embrace Collection features a full-size Living Nature Lipstick ($33.50 value) and is filled to the brim with more natural, organic, and top-rated products. Think of this package as the ultimate gift worth getting (and giving!). And here’s where the power of good comes in: A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Triple Step Towards the Cure. The collection is valued at more than $50 (and don’t forget: free shipping!), so think of it as the guilt-free guilty pleasure.

What’s in this Total Beauty Collection:

  • Living Nature Precious Lipstick – Full Size
  • Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant – Full Size
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream – Sample Size
  • LaLiciuos Vanilla Body Butter – Sample Size
  • Primavera Calming Moisture Cream – Sample Size
  • EVOLVh Shampoo – Deluxe Size
  • EVOLVh Conditioner – Deluxe Size

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