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Birchbox Man Shop Gift with Purchase So Cool

Birchbox Man Shop Gift with Purchase So Cool


Gifts with Purchase include this Topo Designs Dopp Kit, free with with qualifying purchase of any $75+ in the Birchbox Man Shop.  Use code: TOPO. Available only while supplies last. Colors will vary.

Earn 50 EXTRA Birchbox points with any purchase of $35 or more – use promo code FALL50through September 30th.

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BODUM® BISTRO salt and pepper grinder ONLY $20.  Wow.

Like other famous pairings throughout history—Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Laverne and Shirley—salt and pepper just go together. Why not make it official? This slick gadget combines your kitchen’s two must-have seasonings while taking up less space.



LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover  ONLY $9.99
We’re happy that waterproof makeup lasts all day, but when we’re ready for bed we want to take it off in a hurry. Thank goodness for these quick and convenient remover wipes. They erase all signs of stubborn mascara, liner, and lipstick while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. Not only are they completely but these remover pads have a wonderful, relaxing lavender scent from essential oils.  



I Love my Amika travel iron.  It’s so great for a quick straightening to my bangs when they don’t behave.