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how to start a subscription box company

Do you want to know how to start a subscription box?  Need a subscription box code?  


Start your own subscription box company - learn how now, make money off your passion

Start your own subscription box company – learn how now, make money off your passion


INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER – NEWLY UPDATED  Special Sale.  Will go back up to $10 in June.  Find out how to name your subscription box, how to get free products from sponsors, how to find subscribers and how to market your company on social media for free.  Feedback:  thank you so much.  I learned a lot about what I need to do to start my box company in Ireland.Amazing book.  You answered all my questions.  Great book to start an e-commerce biz.  Love the marketing ideas.  I will email you the book within 2 hours after you buy it.  I will e-mail you at your Paypal unless you tell me otherwise.  Thank you. 
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Gift Of The Month Clubs - Free Shipping


If you want consulting  I will give you $10 off when you buy the book    


The NewBeauty TestTube is a collection of some of the hottest products in beauty! Under $30 at QVC.

USE discount code  WELCOMEOFFER20 for 20% off Birchbox


Glossy Box  is a consistently fabulous subscription box with high ratings from users.  It’s the Prettiest pink box ever with a glossy magazine included.  I love it.   $21 per month and you will receive 5 deluxe high-end, luxury beauty samples.  Glossy was one of the first subscription boxes and still one of the best.





Bailey ButtonTriplet Available Now at UGGAustralia






Birchbox subscription

Birchbox is only $10 a month and the best-priced beauty subscription available


 Save $5 with code SummerSub  is of the most popular subscription box and the beauty box that was imitated by others.  It’s still only $10 a month.  They are a fabulous lifestyle box with designer samples.  You receive points for reviews, which can be used towards store purchases.  


All your cosmetics needs  for under $12 – Monthly beauty samples at your door – Get the Box! GIVES YOU 4 TO 5 SAMPLES A MONTH FOR AS LITTLE AS $12.  SOME OF MY FAVORITES LIKE 10 HAIR PRODUCTS.  MAKEUP, COSMETICS, SKIN CREAM AND MORE.  TRENDY BEAUTIES LOVE IT.





blogmytv-fixed blue youtube bigcopy



Blissmo Box Every month you’ll get to select from a set of curated, limited-quantity box options. Don’t like the options that month? Skip the month or send to a friend. $19   BEAUTY BOXES, FOODIE BOXES & FIT BOXES


CONSCIOUSBOX All natural items from snacks to organic cleaning products to beauty creams, Conscious Box has it all.  A great variety of products with a little bit of everything. $19.95 including shipping.


Shop the entire selection of ‘As Is’ merchandise on Save on everything from  jewelry & handbags to kitchenware & clothing!



All your favorite bags, jewelry, clothes that you always wanted. Another customer may have ordered two necklaces and returned one and so you get one half price. Don’t worry QVCguarantees all their products. So it’s just a great     deal.



Klutchclub is a subscription box geared towards healthy eating and lifestyle. They send out energy drinks, protein bars, on-line exercise monthly memberships and healthy snacks.      





Birchbox men

Birchbox Men is the Premiere subscription Box for men



BIRCHBOX MAN   It’s the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice, buy new favorites and earn points to use towards your favorites.  $20 a month they reward you for reviewing their products.  


Purchase a women’s subscription and choose an additional sample for your first box!

BROBOX Fun, monthly box for dudes of all ages.  There’s energy, muscle and protein supplements.  Bros also get great gadgets and manly supplies.


LOOTCRATE Gamer Box, fun retro and current game and geek play, stickers and toys.  Like getting a trip to Comicon in the mail.


HIS KIT  His kit is a new and exciting subscription service designed for guys. We deliver premium samples conventionally to your doorsteps. Every month we will send you a deluxe box with hand-selected products especially tailored for guys. Get to try new products in the convenience of your home without the hassle of the traditional shopping. From shaving needs to underwear, fragrances to socks, we got it all. $12 Grooming, Fragrance, to Underwear  


MANPACKS  Your manly basics like socks, underwear, razors, and toiletries delivered to your door.  Choose, customize, and never have to worry about running out of your favorites.Get full-sized items from around the world, from rare exotic to downright functional.  



Trunk Club Get a stylist to send you personalized clothing for your wardrobe.  




Free Muscle and Fitness magazine with your Subscription.  


Watch this touching video – 

Dad is a Hero


Mantry Manly Exotic foods and other needs from around the world delivered monthly.     

My Platinum Box   Get the Best Men's workout energy box.  My Platinum box

  • They ship you a box packed with 5-7 Cutting Edge Supplement Samples, Health Snacks & workout promos monthly
  • Get a $20 coupon towards our online supplement store when you sign up.
  • Free Shipping & Handling!
  • Join for $14.00/month





TASTE FOR SWEETS ***New Subscription Box***

Use discount codes TASTEFORSWEETS25   TO GET 25% OFF(must be all caps) and for a gift box use GIFTOFSWEETS25 for 25% OFF

Taste For Sweets helps you find tasty treats and snacks from across the globe that you’ll love and not find anywhere else.


KONAKASE I love this subscription box. If you want more energy Konakase is the way to go. Fun tasty energy drinks, treats, chews and all good for you. An extra kick when you need it. Only $15.00    


LOVEWITHFOOD Get 8+ curated gourmet bites per month Earn points good for free products Member-only access to discounts Every purchase supports food banks $10 + $2 shipping per month ($12/month)  




BARKBOX This awesome box of doggy delights lets you choose the size of your dog and gives 10% of their profits to Rescue Groups.  Each month your doggie will look forward to getting at combination of 4 toys and treats a month and be one happy puppy.  Of course he always gives you unconditional love and is your best friend.  Barkbox also has a fun newsletter with lots of doggie adventures and pooch pics.  The holidays are coming up and you can also order extra boxes as gifts for friends.   Only $19.00 a month.    

MEOWBOX  – The Subscription Box for Happy Cats

Lots of  tasty treats and fun toys in a big box to keep your cats busy and purring.


BUNNY’s FUR AND FEATHER FUN PACK Finally, my parrot, Salty got this own subscription box.  A big, fun toy to chew on and some tasty fruit and nut bags.    If you have any birds, cats, dogs, bunnies or hamsters they can get their own surprise every month.  Only $25


better fur and feathers fun pack        






Kiwi Crate Craft Kits


SHOP KIWI CRATE NOW AND USE COUPON CODE SAVE25 by December 17 to save 25% off the first month plus free shipping!  



Teeth me When you subscribe to TeetheMe,  you receive  5 great mom-picked products for your toddler.  $24 a month.



HonestCompany  $10 0ff your first box USE COUPON CODE – INVITED10  Baby supplies by the Honest Company.  Diapers, natural skin and cleaning products for the whole family. Ranges from $35.95 to $115.90 per month.  You can also get a small trial sample for $5.95    


Join Stork Stack! Always Free Shipping!






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Lori Peters’ Interview with KLUTCHClub CEO, Julie Bashkin





KLUTCHClub May Box Healthy Fit box

May KLUTCHClub Box includes KLUTCHClub Water bottle, Coconut water

KLUTCHClub July Fitness Box

JULY KLUTCHClub Member subscription box

KLUTCHClub Founder, CEO Julie Bashkin
KLUTCHClub Founder, CEO, Julie Bashkin gives me a candid interview



1. How did you get started?

While I have thought about the health and wellness space and multi-channel marketing for years, I did not come up with the exact subscription model concept until late last fall.  I jumped in and started executing very fast.  The concept was born in November, I created a business plan on a napkin (literally) in early December, I sketched out the website structure in late December while on vacation in Hawaii, and I started contacting brand partners to explore the partnership opportunities in January.  I did not fully commit to this until creating a prototype in late winter/early spring.  I had help thinking through this from a former co-worker and teammate, Emily, who helped conduct quick tests very fast in the Spring and Lisa, our COO, came on board to actually launch KLUTCHclub.  It is impossible to do everything alone and I very much relied on the help, talent, and expertise of some brilliant people around me.

2.  How do you make money from Klutchclub?  Do the brands you include in Klutchclub box pay you or do you make revenue from customer orders?

Our only revenue stream is from our customer subscriptions.  We will not take payment for inclusion of products in the box from the brand partners because we want to maintain an objective, editorial point of view on which products are good for consumers.

3.  Do you develop a relationnship with CEO’s, PR people or sales peoples for new brands?

It varies by brand as the decision makers vary by company but in most cases it is more than one person and includes all of the above as well as e-commerce and marketing people from some of the brands.

4.  Do you only include new brands to include in Klutchclub?

No, sometimes we include existing brands- for instance Zico or KIND- as they may have new product launches or may be less well known to people who live in areas where they may not have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes.

5.  Are brands coming to you now or do you curate products to find what you want?

It is a bit of a combination of both – some come to us and some we seek out.  Because every box is themed (e.g. “Healthy Summer Entertaining”, “Health on-the-go”), we have to make sure the product is a good fit from a health perspective, a brand compatibility perspective, as well as a tie in to the theme.  We have turned brands away that wanted to work with us because we thought their products were not up to par or were too sample-like as opposed to a full product size that would be valuable to our members.  And we are learning from our members’ feedback about the types of products they do or do not want to see in the box and are adjusting accordingly.

6. How big is your company?

We now have 12 employees covering sales, marketing, operations, customer service, and finance functions.

 7.  I read something about stringent hiring techniques.  What is that about?  What does a potential employee have to do to get a job with Klutchclub?

Yes, it is not easy to get a job at KLUTCHclub and because of that I think we have the best capabilities in the industry which will give us a competitive advantage.  I also think it is one of the most fun and inspiring environments I have ever been in because everyone there is passionate and truly wants to be there and fits well with the company culture and the rest of the team.  I  have personally seen well over 100 resumes and some people on my team have screened even more.  The process goes something like this (with screens along every step):


1. A written assignment is given (e.g., submit a VC pitch)


2. The first round interview includes a live mock pitch and role play tailored to specific functions


3. The second round interview is a fit interview and includes questions on background and asks candidates to give us a list of development goals and what types of opportunities KLUTCHclub could provide in order for someone to meet those goals


This is well known ahead of time and there are no surprises.  Everyone gets plenty of time to prepare and we do not look for specific answers- we are more interested in the thought processes and communication style.


In addition to all of this, we do a lot of training, coaching, mentoring, performance management, and apprenticeship on the job which insures constant professional growth and development.  This is rare at a start up because so many founders are just focused on fighting fires and executing on tactical issues.  I put a lot of emphasis on the long-term investment in our people and creating a meritocratic culture and am convinced this will ultimately be the driving factor behind our success.

8.  You have a bit of variety of products with some creams, worksouts, foods, drinks…are you keeping the range for the boxes kind of open as to what they will include?

Yes- we define health and wellness broadly to give people a variety of products, as long as they fit with the theme.  After all, how many bars do people eat before they get sick of bars?   We also do not want brands to compete against each other in the box and because we promise to include at least $50 worth of products, we have to include many categories.

9.  Klutch Club is different because of the focus on fitness, but how different is it from brands like Conscious Box or Healthy Surprise?

The number one thing that distinguishes KLUTCHclub from other subscription models is we publicize what is in the box before the box is shipped so people can choose whether or not to sign up.  We are not a “surprise and delight” model.  Also, we do not promise to always deliver 100% organic or eco-conscious products because health and wellness means different things to different people.  While we do try to bring our members organic products whenever possible, sometimes we introduce them to healthier versions of products they are using today.  For example, Hydroxatone’s 90 second wrinkle reducer is not 100% organic but it is a healthier alternative to botox and we gave our members a full size $70 product so they could test it risk free and see how well it works before they invest such a sum in it.  Besides the fact that we are not a surprise, we differ from Healthy Surprise because we introduce members to health products beyond the snack category and feature apparel, fitness, beverage and skincare products.

10.  Do you have any exclusivity relationships with brands you use?  do they pay you for analysis or reviews of their products?

No, we do not offer exclusivity to anyone but we also do not feature competitive products in the same box. No, we do not accept payment from brand partners because we want to maintain objectivity and editorial choice over the best products.

11.  Do you plan to sell your products on your website at any point?

We want to do what is best for our brand partners as well as what is most convenient for our customers.  Right now we add value to our brand partners by offering exclusive promotions to our members and redirecting them to our brand partners’ sites.  We do not charge our brand partners to offer these promotions and we do not get a cut of the sales- this is all done for the purpose of maintaining objectivity while bringing membership perks to our customers and connecting our brand partners with their target audience.  However, we are flexible and we adapt and respond to our members’ feedback.

12.  How successful is Klutchclub?  Is it viral?  Are you getting more orders than you can handle?

KLUTCHclub is very successful and it is viral.  We do not pay to advertise.  Most of our subscribers find out about us from recommendations – press, blogger, or their friends and family.  We are not getting more orders than we can handle as fortunately we come from a very analytical background and we forecast demand.    We also formed wholesale partnerships so we sell some of our boxes through channels that buy higher volumes.

13.  How did you find investors and how are they involved.


We have raised a substantial seed round as we started generating revenue immediately post launch.  Many of our investors are people I have worked with in the past who know my capabilities very well and are bought into the idea.  Some of the investors are sophisticated entrepreneurs or people who have a lot of experience with venture capital and startups.  All of them know digital marketing, consumer packaged goods, retail, and technology space well.  They have been crucial to our success not just by contributing financially but also with their advice, their expertise, and their problem solving help.  They have also been great mentors, supporters, and overall cheer leaders for KLUTCHclub.

Thank you so much for your candid, honest and informative interview.  It is very inspirational and it’s great to see a positive feminine role model for health and fitness in this time of America’s epidemic with obesity.


Review of Monthly Subscription Boxes – What’s in Your Box?

This is not a complete list and subject to changes and additions at any time.)


Beauty box, healthy and self esteem combo that launched in June.  Has full size products.

Everything you could want in a box.

$17 a month

Get in while you can.  Limited special edition boxes available.  Will also have themes and more.



After signing up you can either buy a membership or get a free one.  The free one comes with samples and you can earn your way to a better membership option by completing tasks and doing product reviews.

Free and Paid options (Paid gets a box monthly)

Baby Products

Mom Products

Earn free boxes for referring your friends and doing product reviews.


When you subscribe to TeetheMe, a monthly box of 4 to 5 products for your child aged newborn to 3 years old, will be stork- delivered straight to your door in the signature TeetheMe Box.  “We know how busy you are as a new parent.  At TeetheMe, we take the guesswork out of the seemingly endless amount of baby products on the market and only send you the most innovative, practical and unique products available.  The items in each box are hand picked by savvy moms and are based upon the child’s age.”

$26 a month

Baby and toddler products suited for your childs age.


Baba Box

Good and Lovely

Every month we deliver a hand-picked selection just for you, what we call the “LovelyBox”! You will receive a sampling of four great items like fine chocolate, soothing tea, aromatherapy, and products designed specifically to treat PMS or cramping for that “time of month” tampons not included. You can personalize your subscription with optional items as well.


Delivered on the date you choose (your monthly gift)

Always includes chocolate

Beauty Boxes


Looking for hot beauty products samples Check out Birchbox. They have new products for you to try. Receive deluxe samples from top brands for $10/month. Complete your Profile to get products picked especially for you. They give extras too.

$10 a month

Earn Rewards if you buy full sizes in the Birch Shop

Customized Beauty Boxes after you complete profile


Each month we hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, cult faves and cutting-edge beauty products that are just right for you. Commitment shy? If you want to cancel you must call them to do so.  So they can talk you out of it or try.

For just $19.99 a month, receive at least $40 worth of hand-picked Julep products in an exclusive gift-able Julep Maven Box.

There are many specials to try Julep box for 1 Cent.



Originally only in the UK, GlossyBox just launched in the US in April 2012. Each month they curate a box of 5 luxury travel-sized beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom with. Indulge and experience luxury at its finest.

5 Travel Sized luxury beauty products

Soon to be Mens version


When the boxes come out you can see whats in them, if you like or want to try something in them you buy the box for $15. Elite members get full sized products. They ask that you review the product on their site.

No monthly Subscription

$15 Boxes

5-6 items in each box


$10 a month

4-5 beauty products


Goode Box

Goodebox is a members only service providing trial sized healthy, eco-sensitive, innovative & effective beauty and personal care products, along with occasional samples of natural & organic health and wellness products.


6-7 Trial Sized products

Eco Friendly Beauty Products

Earth Friendly Boxes


Earth Friendly Products

membership is $15 a month

Wide range of products like beauty, home and food


Earth Friendly.  Healthy snacks, cleaning products, drinks, teas, detergent or soaps all natural samples. Coupons


Wide Range of products


Every month you’ll get to select from a set of curated, limited-quantity box options. Trust us to choose for you? We’ll auto-select the box we think you’ll like most. Don’t like the options that month? Skip the month or send to a friend.


Skin & Beauty, Food, Household


You get to try lots of vitamins, energy drinks, bars and other health-oriented items before you buy them.

I loved the Night Food Bars.  Got me right to sleep.  I bought two boxes.  Bought one got one free.

You can get buy items on their website.  Be careful that you check with a doctor if you try something new.

Jewel Mint

Jewelry pick of your choice from what they have.  OK costume jewelry.



Lingerie  one a month. Intimint is the newest of the mints. Brooke Burke Charvet from Dancing With The Stars is the and is the Creative Director.  

You get a credit of $19.95 per month. They pick items for you each month.  Some of the items are more than one credit or about $40 or $60.

You can skip a month.  They try to upsell you or get you to spend more than the $19.95 per month..

Thin Mint – Here you spend $19.95 a month and get a box of chocolate covered mint cookies and the money is donated to the girl scouts. (OK, I made this one up. ) It does come in a box, but ask the girl scouts when they are in front of your local supermarket begging with their moms and don’t eat the whole box or you won’t fit into the Intimints.

Style Mint

Olsen Twins are the picture child(ren) of this box. Marie Kate and Ashley.  They design the t-shirts. You may get to pick a dress, skirt or shorts too.  Could be more than $29.95.  You get one per month of your choice.



Little Black Bag

They give you a quiz when you sign up and tell you your style.

They show you a bag, but this is not a bag you get.  It’s just representative of your taste.

Then you go to their gallery and pick one accessory, which could be a bag (not leather or high quality)

or jewelry or another accessory.  This is your only pick.  Then the stylist picks out two additional items for you.

What I didn’t like was if you pick a more expensive bag or first item, you get cheaper items from the stylist. (They don’t want to give you

more than $100 of products.)

After that you can swap with other members in their program.

It’s $49.95 a month.

I must say I played around with this site, but never felt satisfied that what they were giving was worth it.

So I never placed an order.  If you have tried Little Black Bag, let me know what you think.

This is probably the most expensive of the boxes.

Stunner Box 

Sunglasses – One pair every month – not sure what they are worth.

$9 a month


Birchbox Men

Birch Box also has a new Men’s program! It’s the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice, buy new favorites and earn points with every purchase.

$20 a month

All Men’s products

Earn Rewards if you buy full sizes in the Birch Shop

His Kit

His kit is a new and exciting subscription service designed for guys. We deliver premium samples conventionally to your doorsteps.

Every month we will send you a deluxe box with hand-selected products especially tailored for guys. Get to try new products in the convenience of your home without the hassle of the traditional shopping.

From shaving needs to underwear, fragrances to socks, we got it all.


Grooming, Fragrance, to Underwear

Health & Fitness


Indulge in $50 worth of expert-curated health, wellness, and fitness products, delivered right to your door. You’ll get healthy food and drinks, workouts and apparel, skincare products, supplements, and more!

$18 a month or less

Health, Lifestyle, Fitness

Mix Boxes


$10 a month

Cravebox often has special themed boxes by subject like cleaning or barbecue.  Waiting list

They often have twitter contests to get a box.

My Platinum Box

Three options, Suave (Men), Beauty (Women), or a  Fit (Fitness) Box

$10 a month.

Food Boxes


We hand-select our favorite artisan discoveries and deliver to you once a month for $29.95. Ground shipping is free for our Tasting Club Members. Each month, we’ll present three Tasting Box themes. Pick the right box for you, or keep it a surprise and we’ll ship you our Signature Tasting Box.

$29.95 a month

You’ll get to pick a them each month from 3

Love With Food

Get 8+ curated gourmet bites per month

Earn points good for free products

Member-only access to discounts

Every purchase supports food banks

$10 + $2 shipping per month ($12/month)

Cancel anytime

Pet Boxes

Best Friend Box

BestFriendBox is a subscription box for your dog or kit tie.  All natural, healthy good-for your pet treats.   Join to receive a monthly delivery of high-quality natural treats, toys, and gear for your four-legged friend.

$45 a month.  Discounts available.  Well worth it. 10% goes to animal shelters.

Pick between Dogs or Cats


Treat your canine companion to a monthly delivery of high quality, hand-selected goodies and essentials. All while helping dogs in need.  You choose between small, medium or large dogs.

My dog didn’t care for the doggie slushie.  He’d rather have a juice pop.  There were some treats and dog food he liked.  Cute towel.  They donate  a percentage to help shelter dogs.

$25 a month