Steven Tyler is a Rock God – Dream on…in Concert

I saw Steven Tyler and Aerosmith in concert in the Long Island, NY Nassau Colliseum.  I thought he was funny on American Idol and my friend bought me a ticket to the concert for my birthday.  So, what the hell.  I went.  I must say I wasn’t expecting to experience what I did.  I fell asleep through Cheap Trick oddly enough, but when Steven Tyler sang, “Walk this Way” the whole audience tried to walk that way, bumping into their neighbors trying to walk the other way.  It was fun.

When he sang Dream on and he stood center stage with his long hair and two bursts of clouds? on either side of him it was a religious experience for me.

I saw a God on stage.  I was moved.  I felt humbled and holy and wow, it was a religious experience.  I am Jewish and not particularly religious, but for a second I thought it was Jesus in front of me.  I don’t know what that means, but I recorded it till my iPhone died so…you can see some.