Learn How to Earn Holiday Money with Teespring.com Crowdfunding

Emmy Winner T-spring

Emmy Winner T-spring

Emmy Winner t-shirt











I wanted to wish you a very Happy Holiday.  I know it’s been a fun shopping season especially for subscription boxes.  It can really do some damage to your wallet so I wanted to share a way to earn some extra money.

raise money with tshirts








Teespring.com  is a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel.

I designed my own shirt on  Teespring.  It was so easy.  I just typed in my slogan and then I uploaded a picture for my shirt.  You can even use one of their 10,000 free designs if you want.   I am selling my Emmy Winner t-shirt to raise money for my Social TV fan website, blogmytv.com. It’s a fun shirt with an Emmy Award and it’s only selling for $25.  You can do this too.  It’s easy.  You can raise $500 in a week by selling only 50 t-shirts.  I am promoting mine on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Google+. What’s really great about this is the seller keeps all of the profit the shirt earns.

The best part is the shirts don’t print and ship until a set end date determined by the seller. This means you pay nothing upfront, take no risk and don’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering the right number of shirts.

This one raised over 85k for Boston relief: http://teespring.com/staystrongboston.