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The Cottage Market: Impossibilities Do Come True…

Reposted from the Cottage Market

Impossibilities Do Come True…

Good Morning to all of my friends.. it is time for my “Impossibilities” reveal…it may not be Mt. Everest but it was surely a challenge for me! Organization is NOTmy middle name!  Just ask anyone in my family!
Make sure you scroll to the bottom for tomorrows big news that includes all of you! 
I guess you can say that it all started with some jars… 
Cases and Cases of Ball Jars rolled in the house…
I truly mean cases and cases…
and more cases…




They look very pretty now all lined up in rows…filled with all kind of goodies in their bright cheery colors but it was a very difficult task…sorting and sorting and sorting in other words (organizing) as I said before…not my strong suit!
Oh yes…the room was freshly painted with a pretty pale gray and shelves were built…I can’t take credit for that one!  Take a bow “Junkin Joe”
with every jar I filled…

every box that I stacked…

each basket that I lined with pretties…
every dish piled…I was getting to see the supplies that I had and truly getting a bit more organized with every move…
 with each spool and 

bottle of shiny glitter placed on the shelves…I started feel a bit more in control of my little domain…
at every angle I could locate little treasures with my eyes…

standing back a bit (there is more…and I must get a wide angle lens soon : ) I was able to see things at a glance…

if I need beads…no problem finding them…

how about some pretty butterflies or birds…they are peeking out saying good morning…

can’t find the twine? Not any more…oh I need a box…don’t have to search any longer…

a calming feeling knowing that a man hunt does not have to commence when I need something…a feeling that I am not use to but am loving…

being able to spot things at a glance is simply fabulous and the rest of the family can lend a hand because they can see what I am talking about…great right!

For this chapter my ducks are in a row…this project has enabled me to become much moreorganized and hopefully help me in my daily business!  There is more to be accomplished but for now…what I thought was totally Impossible has come full circle!  

The Cottage Market: Impossibilities Do Come True….


How can I help you?  If you could put anything in the whole world in your box that would show up at your door what would it be?

If a genie showed up and said,

“Hello, I am your Magic Genie.  I will grant you three wishes.  I will put these 3 wishes in your box.


3 Wishes in a Box

If a Genie could grant you three wishes what he put in your box?