How to Start a Subscription Box Consultation Offer

Free Half Hour Consulting on How to Start a Subscription Box Company

I am booking new consultations on  How to Start a Subscription Box Company.

As a special St. Patty’s Day gift to you, I am offering a discount.  Book one hour, get a half hour bonus free.

This is a limited time offer for the month of March.   

Appointments will fill up fast.

You will learn inside secrets about how to get free products for your subscription box and how to contact PR companies.  

As a Valentine's Special I am offering a free half hour of consulting.

As a Valentine’s Special I am offering a free half hour of consulting.











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Insightly Review – The Best CRM for To Keep Entrepreneurs Organized

I have been actively searching for a Time Management System.

Now, Insightly has organized my hectic life.  

I am going back to school and studying Digital Media Marketing at NYU.  On top of that I have two websites.  My other cool site is  I write about TV, current gossip and celebrity beauty.

I also am freelancing as a Marketing Consultant and writer for Small Businesses and Start ups.  I  have so many projects, tasks, homework and emails it’s really hard to keep track of it all.  

I am kind of an App Addict.  I buy them and try them.  If I think it will help with productivity I’m getting it.

I’m glad I was given an opportunity to try out  Now, I have all my projects, relationships, opportunities and email in one place.  It’s really a user-friendly Customer Relationship and Project Management System.  I can log in with Google Apps.    

Insightly is the answer to keeping track of all your projects, time and customers in an easy to use CRM.

Insightly is the answer to keeping track of all your projects, time and customers in an easy to use CRM.


I tried out the free version.  

There are so many helpful videos to get you started.   It has integration with gmail, Mail chimp, Outlook and works with both Android and iPhones.  You also can customize it for your brand and integrate your contacts and calendar. 

Maybe you just want to keep track of all the fabulous subscription Boxes on your wish list.


You Get A Tool That Enables You with

  • Sales (with key visibility into the sales pipeline)
  • Overall view of your business
  • Services you deliver to your customers
  • Customer communication
  • Tracking
  • Collaboration and organization
  • Productivity and efficiency


Get Insightly for Small Business Saturday

Get Insightly for Small Business Saturday

Customer Relationship & Project Management.

Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

Try the Insightly Overview Webinar

It really is the perfect way to get Organized for 
Small Business Saturday and Black Friday.
You can start with the Free plan
Free !
Free forever – not a trial
Up to 3 users
200 MB of storage
2,500 contacts
+ Extras


Our best value plan
Up to 15 users
25 GB of storage
Unlimited contacts
+ Extras


The deluxe plan
Up to 40 users
50 GB of storage
Unlimited contacts
+ Extras


Free Makeovers with Pantone’s Color of the Year at Sephora Start Thursday


Feb 28th

Sephora Gives free Makeover for Pantone's color of the Year

Sephora Gives free Makeover for Pantone’s color of the Year



Get free Pantone/Sephora Emerald Green Makeup box

Get free Pantone/Sephora Emerald Green Makeup box


I was lucky enough to get to sample this amazing new Sephora Pantone Universe Color of the year collection in Emerald Green.  I love the make up and the packaging in an aqua color is gorgeous too.  From Nail polish to eye shadow, there’s something for everyone.  Even if you never thought of yourself as a green girl it’s worth a try.  St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and every one looks good in Green.

Of course there are other colors too since Pantone Universe has hundreds of colors.  I tried a terrific white, blue, green eye shadow set.  I also painted on the pretty pink shades of blush and the lip gloss in square tubs were just amazingly smooth on my lips. 

One tip is don’t get flustered opening the lip gloss.  It actually squirts out of the side like a tube.  It took me about 20 minutes to figure that out.

I love colors.  Wearing bright colors always cheer me up.  I live in NYC where people love wearing basic black, but I always prefer to brighten up an outfit with shades of aqua, pink and lavender. 

The only color I’m not crazy about for myself is red, because I have ruddy, fair skin and it doesn’t look good on me.  So never fear it’s fun to try out new colors of makeup on your eyes by Pantone Universe and Sephora.  Let their Experts make you up and see how stunning you can look.



Brand New Pantone Universe - 2013 Color of the year - Emerald Collection

Brand New Pantone Universe – 2013 Color of the year – Emerald Collection






Thursday, February 28th – Sunday, March 3rd


12pm – 6pm


At select Sephora locations. to see if the event is at a Sephora near you.



Celebrate the Color of the Year


Embrace the beauty of EMERALD – the 2013 Color of the Year – with the new SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Color of the Year Collection! Get a Color of the Year makeover with Sephora makeup artists and learn how to sparkle like this gemstone-inspired shade with a variety of looks to choose from. Be the first to try the new collection, enjoy a complimentary makeup application, and walk away with a free makeup bag with purchase of any color cosmetic.*


*While supplies last.


**Walk-ins welcome, appointments preferred, no purchase necessary.







Do You Have a Book You Want to Write?

I created my ebook, “How to Start a Subscription Box” and it has been selling well.  Everybody has a  book in their head or notes on paper.  Would you write a self help book?  How to put on eye shadow and makeup?  How to tell if a Guy is the One?

Well how do you get started?  I myself, took a class with NY Times Best Selling author, Chris Brogan.  He’s had 3 best sellers, The Impact Equation, Trust Agents and

Google+ For Business.

Not only did Chris Brogan make money on his books, but he gets speaking engagements internationally.  Now he is wants to give back to the community.


Finding Time to Write: Time Quilting -WYBA01 

A Recipe for Discipline -WYBA02 

Interview: Matt Holt, Publisher, Wiley  -WYBA03 

Tools of the Trade -WYBA04 

Organizing Yourself to Write a Book -WYBA05 

Interview: TBA (author or publisher) -WYBA06 

Build Your Writing Environment Anywhere -WYBA07 

Design your Book’s Intention -WYBA08 

What Scuttles Most Books 2/3 of the Way In -WYBA09 

Interview: TBA(author or publisher) -WYBA10 

Editing and Proofreading -WYBA11 

Publishing: Mainstream, Self, and Beyond -WYBA12 


Marketing Your Book -WYBA13 

Interview: TBA(author aor publisher) -WYBA14 

Building Business From Your Book -WYBA15 

Graduation and Beyond -WYBA16 

so if you are interested, intrigued or just a little curious go to:



Write Your Book Already

Write Your Book Already



How to Start a Subscription Box Company

Now published, How to Start a Subscription Box Company on Amazon.

Get it on your kindle now.


How to Start A Subscription Box ebook Now On Sale Only $5.00


Purchase it before  April 1st for only $5.00 regularly $20



Start your subscription Box company

Start your subscription Box company



           $5.00 on Paypal

(includes how to get your box biz started, how to pick your  name for your box, how to market and sell your subscription box)

Be the next Birchbox, beauty box, Bark Box – Pet Box or foodie box.

Get in on the biggest e-commerce trend today and start making money now.  


 You can start Your Own Subscription Box ebook


There are different kinds of box subscriptions.

  1. Beauty Boxes like Birchbox and Glossy Box
  2. Food Boxes such as Foodzie or Love with Food
  3. Natural/Eco-Friendly Boxes like Conscious Box or Klutchclub.
  4. Fashion and Accessory Boxes like Little Black Bag and Style Mint
  5. Baby and Kids boxes such as Baba Box and Teethe Me.  
  6. Pet Boxes for Dogs and Cats like Best Friend Box and Barkbox.
  7. Men’s Boxes like 12 Society and My Platinum Box 
  8. Craft Project Boxes like My Dream Box and Whimsey Box
  9. Specialty Boxes like Art in a Box or the Book Box




Sign up for Beauty Box 5!

Only $12 a month.You will love it 10 is a Super product.

Only $12 a month.
You will love it 10 is a Super product.

Oprah’s Lifeclass – Are You Happy Now or Living in the Past?

Get 20-50% Off plus Free Ship During’s

Back-to-School Sale! Men’s Private Sale & Clearance Extra 25% Off on Purchases at!

Oprah’s Lifeclass is back on OWN.

I was just reading a book on Zen and living in the present.  Mindfulness.  Enjoy the moment.  Focus.  Be happy now.  Don’t live in the past.

I know I always got the Jewish guilt from my mom. Why?  Why?  If only you listened to me. Everything would be different.

Do you know the Jewish Diet?  You eat whatever you want.  You just feel guilty about it.

Oprah is back in Lifeclass Tonight













Are you feeling guilty about something in your past?

Iyanla gives her insights.  How does guilt serve you?  Why do you feel like that?

Is your guilt serving you or your loved ones?  Think about it.  Do you feel that you have to feel bad about something you did wrong?

The best thing to do is recognize the feeling.  Take a moment.  Think about what you could have done differently.

Now, let that go.  It’s OK. Breathe.  Breathe out the past, breathe in the present.  Stretch. Shake it out.  Now it’s time to move on.  You have a fresh, clean slate.  Do something nice for yourself.  You are allowed.

Take a bubble bath.  Relax.  Feel the warmth of the water.

Do you have a cat?  Pet your cat.  Feel the fur.  How nice it feels.  Your kitty purrs.  You and your cat are one in that moment.  That’s mindfulness.  Zen.

Happy Cat

Relax. So Cute. A Happy Kitty













People love their dogs.  Why?

A Puppy and a Little Girl Share an Ice Cream Cone










Dogs will greet you.  Follow you around.   Dogs give you their unconditional love.

If you enjoy all the fun, cute special moments as they are happening, you can be happy.

That’s my Ah Hah moment.

What’s yours?