Apple Iphone 5 information Released Today – Thinner and Longer

Apple Iphone 5 announcement

New Apple iPhone 5 first pics
















I am so excited about the new iPhone 5 announcement today from Apple.  Throw away all your iPhone 4S accessories and cases.  This new iphone is thinner and longer.  Now you can get Facetime through your cell service.  

Here are pictures comparing the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S

New Iphone 5 with a better camera and panoramic lens































Apple has changed the camera and photos so that Facebook is now integrated and you can send your photos directly to your Facebook page.  Also there is now a panoramic view so you can take Landscape photos.   

The iPhone 5 will be significantly faster to shorten download times.

Being Longer you you will be able to watch Movies in fill screen view.

They are updating the Apple store right now, so you better get ready to sell your iPhone 4S and find out if you can upgrade from your cell company.  

AT&T lets me add a line for $10 a month and use that for the upgrade.


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